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Family tracking

Family tracking services are becoming more popular and widely used in 2012. Smartphone adoption and advancement in technologies have paved way for seeming tracking possibilities via the in-built GPS chip in all smartphones. On top of that these mobile phone tracking apps or services are often inexpensive or even free.

Now you can track anyone in the family with their permission of course. For example, you can know if your children are on their way back from football practice without having to pick up the phone and call them (we know how much they love to not answer their phones when we call). Or how much time you have to clean the home and prepare dinner, before the whole family arrives. Have family tracking services enabled on all family phones to get a birds eye view of where all the family members are located by the minute. Perfect if you want to have a good idea where everyone is right now, just a few hours before the family Christmas dinner begins.

These services usually use GPS technology, cell tower technology, or Wi-fi access point technology, and in some special cases all of the above technologies work together; to give you to most precise location of the family phones you are tracking. Some family tracker services work to track any phone irrespective of brand and model; some with just the latest smartphones; and others work only on certain mobile networks but with any phone brand or model. Before acquiring a family tracking service It’s worth researching thoroughly which one meets your families needs best i.e. if everyone in the family has the latest iPhone, considering some of the free apps might be the best option.

Family tracker services are nothing new. But due to poor versatility of its uses on all phones and networks, privacy issues, and earlier price hikes, they have been pressed down from being more popular than what they are today.