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FollowUs.co.uk review

Followus.co.uk review

FollowUs has been around on the UK market since 2003 offering both GSM and GPS tracking technology to locate mobile phones (GPS devices are sold seperately).

The accuracy of their main mobile phone tracking service using GSM is around 100 meters in urban areas and over 500 meters in less populated areas (read more about GSM technology to understand how location is determined).

The company supports all major GSM networks in the UK except operator 3.

You can choose from both business and home packages. The home packages are more basic, but this does not mean that they cannot be the best mobile locator packages for you. With such a package, you can track mobile phones from the website of the company. With a business plan, you can use scheduled tracking. You can track the history of the locations of each person that you follow.

What seperates FollowUs from the rest of the mobile locators in the UK is that they use a pay-as-you-go pricing strategy. Read Pricing section below for more info.

Service Quality

With FollowUs, you get to use multiple scale maps which make identifying the precise location of a mobile easy and quick.

The service can be used from computers with internet connection and from telephone supporting WAP browsing.

The site and map interface are not compatible or designed for viewing on modern phones, nor do the maps look so pleasing to the eye. The design of the site is outdated and the usability can be improved to cater for a nicer browsing experience.

The company states that they follow the industry standard code of practice for security. They request permission from mobile phone users to be tracked by the service subscribers. The tracked persons can opt out of this at any time. In addition, tracking can be banned temporarily in the evenings and on weekends if required. This is a nice feature the other two locators lack.

It is also worth noting that there are a handful of companies in the UK using FollowUs to see over their employees location – for their safety.

Pricing: min. £20 credit package, pay-as-you-go (limited locations)

FollowUS is a pay-as-you-go service for home users. No monthly plans, no contracts. You can sign up for free, but to track a mobile phone device you need to buy track credits.

FollowUs offers different packages to home and business users. Each package has a set price.

For Home Users, the smallest package is priced at £20 (minimum package fee). For this price, you receive a fixed number of search credits, in this case 40 track credits (£0.5 per track). There are no time limits on the use of the search credits. For each new mobile phone that you add to your tracking list, you are charged a fixed one-time fee of 5 tracks i.e. £2.5.

There is also a large package for £49.99, where you get 150 tracks (i.e. £0.33 per track).

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  • Want to be able to locate around 5 mobiles
    Probably around 100 times a month altogether
    What is the best option
    Jim Le Conte