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How to Locate your Phone – Lost Mobile Phone Recovery

Will I ever need to locate my misplaced phone, given that I always keep my phone with me and take good care of it? Statistics show that every minute, 10 mobile phones are lost, stolen or damaged in the UK. Most are not found and the owner is left with a considerable loss – the device itself plus the information on it. There are ways in which to retrieve your phone. Use them to prevent permanent loss.

Simple Tricks

Make a phone call to your lost mobile. This is the first thing every person will try, to locate their mobile phones. If you are lucky, your mobile will be around and you will hear it ringing. Similarly, if your phone is found by a moral person, you will be able to get it back easily and without much hassle (a study by Symantec shows that one of two people do actually return the lost phones to their rightful owners). As you can see there are a lot of ifs with this method. It has a lot to do with luck so it is not as reliable as we would all like it to be.

Perform a small investigation. This is how to locate phone if no one picks up. Go back to the places which you visited during the day. You may have left the device in someone’s office or in a store.

Tease the person who has your phone with a monetary reward. You can do this easily with a text message. Just explain who you are and that you will provide a reward in exchange for the device. Just try not to make the message too desperate as this can have the opposite effect. For example, the person might search your phone more thoroughly for sensitive information like credit card details, passwords etc..

Apps for Smartphones

There are all sorts of mobile location apps specifically designed for smartphones. You can readily pick one depending on the operating system (Apple iOs, Android, Symbian etc.) that you are using. Just make sure that you know how the app works before you make a final choice.

For iPhone owners, the Find My iPhone app is the main option as it is available directly from Apple. With this service, you can locate your phone on a map and go pick it up. Additional features such as erasing the data on th,e device and making it ring on demand are also available. You just have to make sure that your iPhone meets the minimal system requirements in order to use this application (for example, this might not work with iOS older than version 4).

For smartphones with Android, there are plenty of location-based mobile apps to pick from. Some require you to send a text message in order to activate the GPS installed on the device and get its location coordinates sent to you. This is useful if the device just sits somewhere waiting to be discovered. However, if a person has it and they are on the move, things may become a bit more complicated.

Other apps for Android are designed to locate phones automatically without you having to do anything. This is certainly the better option as the receipt of a message can make retrieval quite hard if the device is in the wrong hands. These more advanced apps, however, are typically compatible only with the latest Android versions so it is essential to check this in advance.

There are services to locate your mobile phone with Windows OS and for Blackberry phones. Microsoft, for instance, offers a service called Find My Phone. It can show you the location of your device on a map. The service generally works well, but it uses the data retrieved during the last air synchronisation of the device. Hence, the location may not be accurate at all times.

Mobile Phone Tracker Services

You can use a service designed to locate misplaced phone that works for all sorts of mobile devices. Lociloci will show you the approximate location of your GSM or smartphone device and you will be able to go pick it up. The service works very simply and effectively.

Lociloci uses network-based mobile phone tracker technology. Each mobile phone emits a signal which is picked up by nearby transmission towers or masts. With the use of advanced technology, Lociloci traces the signal and gives you the approximate location of your mobile. As every device is designed to emit such a signal, there is no need for you to install any software or hardware to use the service.

You simply need to create an account to be able to locate misplaced phone and subscribe to the service. Then you to register your mobile and you will be able to track it using the service available via the Lociloci website. As long as you have a device with internet browsing capabilities and an internet connection, you will be able to locate your phone at any point in time.

You do not have to send any text message or dial the phone number. There is no way in which you can make its presence noticeable. You will simply see where it is and go pick it up right away.

Now you know how to locate misplaced phone. The most effective methods are certainly the preventive ones. Take the necessary measures to protect your phone in advance and you will be able to find it easily and quickly if you lose it.

James Craig

James Craig

James Craig currently lives in Birmingham, UK, and is a telecommunication expert with a keen interest in the latest app developments within VoIP and mobile phone tracking.


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