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Lociloci mobile phone tracker review

Lociloci UK review
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This is certainly the best mobile locator when it comes to pricing if tracking is important to you, especially if you are a heavy user of such services. Unlike other services, you can track any type of phone and as many phones (people) as you wish with one account.

Lociloci has developed a GSM tracking technology which collects and computes data from mobile network transmission masts to locate mobile phones.

If the device is a smartphone which has a GPS chip, GPS data is also used for greater accuracy of the results.

The company launched its service in 2007 in Sweden, Norway and Finland, and has done the same in the UK in the spring of 2012.

Lociloci uses Google maps and a very user-friendly interface to show you where you, your friends and family are

It’s the only international mobile locator in the UK market with prior experience of mobile tracking on other markets.

In total, the company claims it has over 10,000 active users across Scandinavia and the UK.

In general, the accuracy of a mobile device’s location is around 100 meters in urban areas, and over 500 meters in rural areas. This is the same quality as with FollowUs and MobileLocate.

The company works with all major mobile networks in the UK except with 3. The services which it offers are available to all mobile phone users irrespective of the make, brand, model and year of production of the devices. The services are readily available to anyone who needs to track their family members, colleagues, employees, business associates and their own device in case of loss or theft.

Service Quality

The Lociloci maps for identifying the location of people that you know have excellent graphics and functionality. When you log on to the website, a map will automatically open and you will see all the people on your tracking list on it. The system presents their latest location so a special search may not be required. Lociloci takes advantage of the Google Maps API to do this.

The accuracy can vary whether you or your friends are located in densely populated areas or rural areas. Often the accuracy in the 100 meter range is enough to get an idea where the person(s) you might be tracking are.

It is really easy to register for an account as the website is very user-friendly. To track phones via Google Maps is also very intuitive and is by far much more easier and usable than with MobileLocate and FollowUs. The websites breathes design and simplicity. Lociloci is also adapted for viewing over any phone – it is equally intuitive for viewing over the mobile as is on the web. Just imagine you are on the go and need know where you friend or family member is right now. Log in on your phone and you will get his/her location instantly.

The Lociloci website has the highest commercially available encryption (SSL) which guarantees the privacy of subscribers and their searches. The website is hacker safe just like FollowUs, and follows and goes beyond the best practices when it comes to storing personal and location data.

Just like with all GSM tracking services in the UK, the company can track a mobile only after the owner’s consent, which is received via a text message (need be given only once). A person can terminate their consent at any time. Reminders are sent to all owners of tracked phones on a regular basis.

Pricing: £4.99/month, no contracts, cancel any time (unlimited locations)

Lociloci has a fixed monthly subscription fee of £4.99 (you are not bound by contract and can cancel at any time).

Tip! You get a considerable reduction in price if you subscribe for a whole year, just contact their support.

For the monthly fee that you pay, during the month you can make an unlimited number of tracks (credits) and can add unlimited number of phones or unlimited number of people to invite. You can track as many people as you want without paying any extra fee. This is certainly the best mobile locator when it comes to pricing if tracking is important to you, especially if you are a heavy user of such services, Lociloci is definately a much more cost-effective choice.


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  • I am thinking of getting Lociloci mobile phone tracker so I can track my brother who as short term memory loss, when he goes out he can not find his way back home, the phone I would like to get him is the Doro PhoneEasy 611

    Will Lociloci by able to track the Doro PhoneEasy 611

    Mr Missen


    • Hi Mr. Missen,

      Thanks for writing here.

      Yes, Lociloci will be able to track any GSM phone (including Doro PhoneEasy 611).
      Lociloci works with all operators except for 3.

      Hope that helps.


  • Hello

    Could Lociloci mobile phone tracker help us trace a family member who has gone missing after developing mental health issues and may or may not give consent. Will it help if we can demonstrate that mobile number that needs to be tracked is or was registered at the family address? Emma


    • Same here. No code after 10 days. Submitting a query to Support leads me to a strange warning page telling me to go back to “safety” so unable to contact them at all/ Probably a massive scam – they’ve certainly taken my money. Shame this couldn’t have been investigated or responded to by the admins recommending this firm.


      • Apparently the security certificate on the LociLoci support site expired 722 days ago. Really poor that this is still being recommended but people are being fleeced. You should investigate and find out what’s going on, or remove this from your site. I now have to try and claim back my money from my credit card supplier. Thanks.


    • I am having the same experience as you with Lociloci.
      What did you do about the monthly payments?
      Thank you


      • I’m having the same problem,I have been trying to delete my account,it says it’s simple to do but it won’t allow you to send the E Mail!


  • I’ve only started using this service. I didn’t get the postal PIN so had to contact them via email which they replied to with an apology & a PIN. Attempting to track a DORO PhoneEasy 807 put it about 4km from where it actually was. Switching the SIM into an old 2006 Nokia phone put it 2.5km from where it actually was. That lack of geo accuracy does not make tracking an elderly parent feasible. I will trial this over a few weeks but unless accuracy improves I will have to drop the service.


  • Be careful lociloci have taken their fee for the last 6 months basically for nothing.

    Can not contact them or log in.