Lost an HTC phone? Try HTCSense and track your misplaced mobile

Lost an HTC phone? Try HTCSense and track your misplaced mobile

How many times have you panicked not knowing where your mobile phone is? Maybe you forgot it at home, dropped your phone on the seat in the subway, or gotten it stolen or misplaced at a bar or nightclub. Now you can find your mobile phone location with HTCSense.com cloud-based service. If you have a HTC Desire Z or HD you can simply register and log on to HTCSense.com to view your mobiles’ exact pin-point location on Google maps. It’s not just the tracking ability that is in store, there is much more coming from HTCSense.com which will protect your phone, so keep reading.

The service is very similar to the one provided by Find my friends/iPhone by Apple and it too is free. Aside from tracking your mobile phone’s location another superb feature is that you can sync/transfer/store your mobile information on the cloud at HTCSense.com and never ever have to ask your friends for their mobile phone number again.

So in short let’s sum up all the functionality you get with HTCSense:

  1. Lock your HTC phone remotely – if your mobile is in the wrong hands, simply click on the “Lock” button to prohibit unauthorized access.
  2. Keep a backup of your HTC mobile data on the cloud and sync when you wish. Search directly through your PC for the numbers without needing to access your mobile.
  3. Erase all your mobile data including pictures, address etc. if you fear that your mobile has been stolen. Then simply restore your backup from the cloud on your new HTC phone or your found phone.
  4. Push a message or call your phone from your PC at HTCSense.com
  5. And of course, track your mobile’s pin-point location using the in-built GPS chip and WiFi connection, alternatively 3G.

As you see this is the same or very similar functionality one get’s with Find My iPhone free app for Apple iPhone.

How does the HTC sense mobile tracking work?

Similarly to other location-based services, it uses the inbuilt GPS that runs in the background to locate your phone.

What are the cons with HTCSense.com?

  • It currently only works with HTC Desire Z and HTC Desire HD mobile phone models.
  • Be careful that you don’t get battery drain as the GPS is running constantly in the background.

When will it be available on other HTC handsets?

There are rumors that HTC will provide HTCSense.com mobile tracking, backup and cloud-based service to other HTC models both old and new.

However, as of August 2011 it is still not available on for example the very popular HTC Desire handset.


  1. chandan says:

    Dear Sir My htc new seal pack mobile has been lost. i will not oprate a mobile single time. My mobile IMEI No 351816058061650. if this phone used anybody please inform my E mail id or my Cell no 09833144992

  2. rani says:

    can i track my htc cha cha phone? how?

  3. Samuel Akinyele Caulcrick says:

    I forgot my HTC Desire HD on a train from Munich to Salzburg. When I realised, the doors had closed and the train started moving. I rushed to the rail office to complain, but was informed that the next stop was Budapest, in Hungary. The train was contacted, but two days later, I was informed that my phone was not found. I know I registered with HTC High Sense. I do I locate my phone? I’ m back in Nigeria. Thanks, Sam Caulcrick

  4. SAN says:

    lost the phone in slough

  5. huma says:

    My HTC Explorer has been stolen… is’nt there anything i can do about it… i m worried about my data to be used…

  6. huma says:

    My htc explorer has bee stolen cant i do anything about it,,,

  7. Linda says:

    On Sept. 15th, 2012, I was robbed of my HTC Desire HD IMEI No. 356812045235060. I have registered with htcsense.com but the site is down. Is there anything you can do to find it?

  8. ms hughes says:

    I am trying to track my phone which has been stolen but cannot seem to get on to the website to do so (on htcsense website)what am i doing wrong?

  9. Ramachandran Kumar says:

    Dear Sir

    My htc new seal pack mobile has been lost. My mobile IMEI No 351816058391362. if this phone used anybody please inform my E mail id or my Cell no: 00971 529345376

  10. Ameer says:

    What if the device is formatted, will I be able to truck it?

    • admin says:

      Hi Ameer, If you are using GSM tracking services like Lociloci and Followus you will be able to track it even if the phone is formatted. As long as the sim card is still in and the phone is turned on.

  11. Brian says:

    I lost my htc sense and when I call the number it’s always on…any ideas??? Can it be tracked???

  12. Aayush says:

    i lost my HTC explorer is there anyways of finding it??

  13. Teodor says:

    I lost my phone also. My Mobile IMEI is 356299047979206. Please contact me on my e-mail.

  14. ashraf says:

    Dear Sir My htc salsa C510e has been lost. My mobile IMEI No 355856040104016. if this phone used anybody please inform my E mail id or my Cell no +60128399897. Thank you

  15. Pankaj says:

    Dear sir, I lost my HTC titan 2 today.. IS there any way I can find it or trace its location. I have the IMEI number.

  16. sharron carr says:

    my htc phone was stolen can I track it and find the scum who took it.

  17. ME says:

    Hi sir I have registered in htc sense but website is not tracking my phone pla help me

    Mobile Model: HTC EXPLORER A310e


  18. maria says:

    Hi sir, my son lost his HTC DESIRE C phone n i dont have IMEI number can you plzz tell me how to track his phone?

  19. Amit says:

    If the htc phone has been formatted by thief and sim card also broken down can we track the device? If yes, how can we track in that situation

    • admin says:

      I don’t think there is anyway you can track a device in these conditions. It’s simply impossible. The only trace is the IMEI number – to identify that phone.

  20. roselyn opel says:

    How to i track my HTC-Wildfire which was stolen and is now switched off

  21. chirag says:

    Dear Sir My htc new seal pack mobile has been lost. i will not oprate a mobile single time. My mobile IMEI No 352276055417059 if this phone used anybody please inform my E mail id or my Cell no +919825945190

  22. euridece says:

    hi, my phone is lost for two days now. my number is 401-230-8115. can you find it?

    thanks in advance

  23. chaitanya says:

    Sir i had lost my htc TITAN 2 phone can u track and find where it is its IMEI : 358249040398217 and S/N: HT25FVT00211…. plz help me. My email id Is [email protected]

  24. sudhakar says:

    dear sir my mobile Model: HTC EXPLORER A310e htc phone lost date 14/01/2013 plzz my help imei no .359918045881695

  25. Adharsh says:

    I have lost my HTC ONE V mobile. The IMEI number is 351816054182328. Could you please track my mobile and if found can you please ring me back at +91 9789066873

  26. bhupesh says:

    I have lost my HTC Desire HD Mobile. The IMEI number is 354503020933284. could you please track my mobile and if found can you please ring me back at +912225241716 or on my E-mail id.

  27. Hanston says:

    I Lost my HTC phone from St Marys Church on 18 Jan 2013, i already registerd to HTC, my user name is “[email protected]
    i dont know how to locate and trace my phone if anybody know please help me. my email address is [email protected] and my Mob # is 00971 50 387 3306

  28. andy rosario says:

    i lost my htc one v today please help me… here’s my IMEI# 351 816 050 839 111 and my mobile# +639157699217…

    tnx in advance!

  29. revanth says:

    i lost my mobile phone HTC Explorer A310e. IMEI no.357953049604118 please try to find my mobile
    my contact number is 9841472014

  30. NADIA says:

    i lost my htc ,now the set is off,how can i find it?
    my number is:09191204162

  31. AVNINDER says:

    MY CONTACT NUMBER IS 9781125620

  32. karthik says:

    I |ost ma HTC explorer A310e. Is there any ways of finding i haven’t registered in HTC sense :'(

  33. David Stevenson says:

    HTC seem to have abandoned phone locator. When you go to the web site it just says something about ‘we have changed our systems for the benefit of our customers’. Changing it by removing features and not replacing them with anything benefits customers how, exactly? Typical of HTC who don’t have a clue about customer relations although they pretend to have.

  34. Michael says:

    Hi there I lost my htc sensation at a park watching my kids play softball on the 16/2/2013 my EMEI number is 356441040014959
    And my number is +640212697529

  35. Dan says:

    can the htc phone be used to locate another phone which has been lost

  36. kelly says:

    can’t find my phone

  37. Niurka says:

    I lost my HTC Amaze and I would like to know how can I track it, my IMEI number is 358927045299502. Thanks you can contact me at my email

  38. Connie says:

    I lost my HTC One S last night (23.02.2013) not sure if it was stolen or just misplaced but have not had much luck with HTC sense or the plan b app for tracking my phone. The IMEI no. is 359901045477326. Please help me to track it and email me with any information/help?
    Thank you

  39. naresh chenajolu says:

    sir i lost my htc desire v -T328W.
    my IMEI- 352790053931795
    sir pls trace the my mobile

  40. Anchal Anand says:

    Dear Sir,

    i lost my htc CHACHA A810e
    my IMEI- 355746048383334
    sir pls trace the my mobile


  41. santhoshmani says:

    i lost my HTC WILD FIRE A 3333,
    IMEI NO 357032041544877.

  42. santhoshmani says:

    dear sir,
    i lost my htc wild fire A 3333
    IMEI NO.357032041544877 and s/n no HT12NP413941.

  43. Niko says:

    I lost my HTC Incredible S and don’t know how to locate it.
    my IMEI:355301040088455
    Pleas help me track my phone. Please info/help me via email.

  44. Aasim Khan says:

    My HTC One V (T320e) have been stolen, its IMEI “353115056894248” could u guys track out it for me…?

  45. faizan says:

    i lost my HTC explorer A310e,
    IMEI NO 359918044178614.

  46. Jarkko says:

    I lost my htc desire z IMEI- 352212045245599. Please help me to track it and email me with any information?
    Thank you.

  47. praveen says:

    I lost my HTC Desire C and don’t know how to locate it.
    my IMEI:354379058386889
    Pleas help me track my phone. Please info/help me via email.

  48. Bart says:


    I`ve lost my HD7 IMEI:352811040232682
    Please help track it down. Info/help via email or +48228465643

    Thanks in advance !!!

  49. imma says:

    i lost my htc desire phone . how can u help me.


  50. SagarPatil says:

    somebody stolen my htc one v on 26th march 2013 at 17:15 at Kurla,Mumbai

    SN:- HT26STV03692

  51. Lee says:

    I lost my HTC Incredible S S 710e and don’t know where is it
    my imei:355301041689822
    Please help me track my hp and inform through email, TQ

  52. jasmine says:

    I lost my HTC buttetfly and don’t know how to locate it.
    my IMEI:355027050358724
    Pleas help me track my phone. Please info/help me via email.

  53. justin says:

    Hi. on 31st of may my htc 8x phone was stolen from my pocket in Waliingford. Now it might be in Reading. If you just could help me somehow – I would be thankful.
    imei: 353569054932360
    Thanks in advance

  54. Anonymous says:

    HTC is third class service provider.
    We can’t track the handset using HTC account then whats the use of HTC accout.
    Its better to use Samsung handsets, which can directly copy the call log of our stolen handsets into our samsung account, using call log we can easily find the thief.

    HTC is really low level service provider. And one more thing if this tracking software is not applicable to all HTC handset then whats the use ?

    Please stop all this nonsense.

  55. K Riding says:

    I’ve just found an HTC phone in Sion Park. It was locked & battery now flat. I’d be delighted to get it back to owner – any suggestions?

  56. sneha says:

    my dad has just lost his htc desire v…. hw can i track it…the person is disconnecting my calls
    plz help

  57. jane says:

    Hello, I just lost my cell phone today. If you see it anywhere, please contact me to this number 504 644 7530. Thank you very much
    IMEI: 354436055976821

  58. V.Shanmukha Reddy says:

    Pl.help me to get my lost htc sensational xe IMEI No-358313048503788,Device No-HT19NV802424 and IMSI-404490480570729. inform me via email mentioned above.

  59. Daniel Marin says:

    A group of thieves stole from me a HTC ONE a few days ago. The IMEI number is 354436050933686.Please help me track my phone.

    email: [email protected]


  60. Mark says:

    I had a brand new htc phone and I think it was stolen at the weekend
    can it be located using HTC sense


  61. melisa says:

    my htc titan phone was stolen on 20th September 2013. My IMEI code is 358035041019369. Please help me track my phone.

  62. mandy says:

    Hiya I’ve lost my phone HTC 07940 289455
    Can you Help???

  63. varsha says:

    i lost my htc phone….i dont know how to find it…pls help

  64. Hans Raj says:

    today i have lost my new HTC desire U dual sim my IMEI No.357212050304914 & 357212050304922.

    Please help my to locate this phone and infore me at email or other no. 9312130266.


  65. Ralica says:

    Please… help me .. i dont know who can help me except you.
    I know you are my last chance . My imei number was 354436059687457 . Htc one silver 801 n
    please locate and found it and send me photo where is it , after that i can go with police there and get it back to me. My gmail is [email protected] please i know you can.
    If the service is paid for I am ready to pay.
    ?hank you for understanding.
    And thank you in advance.

  66. josh says:

    I lost my HTC DESIRE C on friday and i cant find it anywhere, its ran out of charge now but is there any way of me finding it?

  67. psyfo keorapets says:

    Hello! I lost my HTC radar c110e, I activated my windows account, when I try use “find my phone” option, it permits me to log in, bt thereafter it does not respond, is there any how I can locate it on the map? ( the fact is, the sim is changed), the only thing I have is the imei number

  68. paul says:

    sir my phone which was htc wildfire s has been lost about 2 weeks ago… how can i track it?? its IMEI no. is 358968048828996

  69. Alan says:


    I misplaced my phone last night. Whoever has it has switched it off as the battery was fully charged. Is there anyway to try to track it? Or is that just a silly question…


  70. Alan says:

    The phone is a HTC One.

  71. Kelvin shorter says:

    I lost it in my house some were

  72. Dion says:

    My daughter has lost her HTC Incredible S. Lost in Brisbane Australia. The number is 0423432978.

  73. Svenson McCallow says:

    My htc h one x has been stolen last night please help me track and find it with the IMEI 359691048255809. Please notice me about any use of my phone at my email [email protected] or at my cell +50931379595.

  74. Zena says:

    I lost my HTC ONE on the 25th of April, which was 2 days ago. its a Telstra HTC and the model is HTC_PN071. Is there anyway i can find my phone with it being off or does it have to be on ?

  75. steph says:

    I lost my HTC HD7 and I still have the serial number and IMEI.. can you try to locate or bloack the phone\.
    Somebody stole it from me…

    IMEI 354004041054671
    sim serial 0891260482441101090F

    Please PM me if you can be if further assistance.

    Thank you

  76. Sally Barlow says:

    I’ve lost my HTC desire c for 5 months now, any help?????

  77. wac says:

    ive lost my HTC one yesterday 16/08/14 can u help find it by tracking my phone please let me know thank you the phone is still on

  78. balachandar says:

    I have lost my htc 526 g+ mobile. there is any possibility to block or track the phone ?
    if there is any possibility please let me know via mobile or mail.my stoled mobile IMEI NO – 357629061470642 .
    Please help me.
    My mobile number is: 9789195101 and 9092327882 .
    Email:[email protected]

  79. Dunn says:

    Can u track my htc desire phone

  80. Jeff Spillman says:

    My HTC one has been stolen. Is there any possibility to block or track this phone? My stolen mobile IMEI number is 354439052716406! If there is anyway of blocking or tracking it, please help me…. I can be reached at 1(606) 315-4830!

  81. Alvie says:

    Help me please to track my htc desire HD….my IMEI No 356299045917661
    pliz help

  82. charlie says:

    Hi my hTC desire 816 was stolen on 15/08/2015 my IMEI no is 356165060140473. Can you help me track it. Thanks

  83. David Dass says:

    I have lost my phone HT54EYB00682, how can it be tracked, phone rings but can not be found

  84. David Dass says:

    Hi I now have the IMEI 1: 355718060559638, 2: 355718060559646, COULD YOU LOCATE MY PHONE

  85. dilip says:

    Dear Sir My MOTORALA G2 mobile has been lost. My mobile IMEI No 359296050477802 & 810 doul sim. if this phone used anybody please inform my Email id ( [email protected] ) or my Cell no 09928647905 and 9413485039 person who send me report get reward.

  86. Dimitris says:

    My HTC one was stolen in Greece, I have IMEI and othr details.Please e-mail me if there is any possibility to find it.
    Best regards

  87. Susan Abbs says:

    Lost my HTC Desire I trying to track it down

  88. Amber hankin says:

    Lost my HTC Desire in Alfreton Derbyshire UK in Aug 2015 my giffgaff sim was inside and my sd memory card with all my music n pics 07513423160 was the number to my sim. Pls contact me on [email protected] thanks

  89. jkrao says:

    i lost my htc butterfly s phone please find the phone

  90. Asa says:

    Hi my brand new HTC One M8 was stolen, only had it for 2 days the IMEI#352628061903698, really hope it can be retrieved. Thanks

  91. smmatt says:

    Lost/stolen HTC One Silver phone on 31st October/1st November in Ashburton, Devon.
    IMEI number : 359405055690497

    Number cancelled with mobile provider.

    Please contact if found, has all my photos etc on it:(

    Thank you!

  92. Lana says:

    Is there a way to still find YOUR LOST HTC Desire 526 AFTER YOU ACTIVATE A NEW PHONE.

  93. liz christie says:

    I lost my htc desire at the weekend.how do i track it.im desperate please help.

  94. Anthony mendez says:

    Lost my htc.how in the earth can i find it my self,

  95. Shylu says:

    Hi ,

    I lost my HTC phone, how to track it.

  96. alex says:

    i have lost my htc one. i tried to call but it is turned off already. is there any possibility to find it? please help

  97. kanika singh says:

    i have lost my htc one and now it is switched off, how could i track it back or how could i can erase its data ?

  98. Samriddhi says:

    I seriously dont understand how the htcsense works…… I lost my HTC desire exactly 2 months back,…It as a gift….i really need to find that phone…… Can anyone please tell me the steps on tracking the phone??

  99. simeon says:

    My phone was lost at 12:11.2015 My phone was htc desire 626g IMEI: 35188070440748 (wrong E-mail)

  100. simeon says:

    My phone was lost at 12:11.2015 My phone was htc desire 626g IMEI: 35188070440748 (wrong E-mail)

  101. amr elbaz says:

    my htc one m9 is stolen this morning and i don’t know what to do
    can i find it by my laptop or by my friend’s phone ??
    please help me 🙁

  102. M Davis says:

    I lost my mobile HTC 826 on 26Feb 2016. I have the IMEI no and tried tracing it. Can you pls help me

  103. raj kumar says:

    Lost my mobile imi no_ 357585061749320
    Help me 2 find the phone.. awarded rs 5000

  104. Karan Dhillon says:

    I lost my mobile htc desire 816 g on 9 apr 2016 imei sim1 355702065145064 imei2 355702065195069 Please contact me 9530682454

  105. vasavi.juttukonda says:

    i have lost my new htc mobile ime number:357629067473343 plz help me to find my mobile

  106. SRINIVAS.SS says:

    IMEI 351816058689625
    IMSI 404929513138539

  107. Snehal Giri says:

    I lost my htc desire 816 IMEI- 359547061579311.Please help me to track it and email me with any information?Thank you. 9717364246

  108. Pravin says:

    Dear Sir, I lost my HTC E9+ Mobile Imei no. is 357709066470738 & 357709066510731.
    Please help to find it

  109. dev choubey says:

    Sir some one stolen my HTC cell how can find it and i need it

  110. pavan says:

    Dear Sir, I lost my HTC desire526G+ model Mobile Imei no. is 357629060035883 or 357629060059115
    Please help to find it call me 8237319390 e mail-id [email protected] infrom me.

  111. Rana says:

    My HTC 828 phone is broken but my phone data is very importent plz help me

  112. anoop says:

    Dear sir..
    My HTC mobile missing…..can I know how to track my mobile

  113. encousie says:

    i lost my htc one m9 in antigua on monday 12 of september 2016 please track it quickly

  114. Susan char says:

    my HTC desire 186G is lost on thursday 8of december 2016 ay chawri bazar new delhi.Please track my phone.

  115. Augustine Joe says:

    Hi, I lost my HTC M9, IMEI NUMBER IS 355210300035819. PLEASE HELP ME TRACE FOR IT.

  116. Jerome Jerry Fundi says:

    I have lost my HTC Desire 830 Mobile Dual sim. The IMEI number is 358812060063191. could you please track my mobile, location and the number which is used that mobile currently? Could you please if found contact me through my Email: [email protected]. or Mobile Number +255 715 725173

    Here are more details
    Name: Jerome Jerry Fundi
    Address: P.o Box 2462,
    Country: Tanzania
    Phone Model: HTC Desire 830 Dual sim D830u 2PVD 100 (Black Gold))
    Last Number used: +255 767 702 888 or +255 625 753
    Email: [email protected]
    Missed Date: 18th-25th November 2016
    IMEI No: 358812060063191
    Bar code IMEI No 1: 357255070296495 and IMEI No 2: 357255070800353

  117. elavarasan says:

    dear sir,
    two days before i lost my HTC DESIRE 820 mobile in sharjah , UAE , so how to block my mobile using with ime no ..and if any possible to get tracing my mobile .. pls help me

  118. eugene says:

    guys i lost my hTC m9 and i need to trace it back.. my sim card number is+265884158130 the phone serial number is
    35722606535134 if this really does work please guys i need your help – please my email address is [email protected] if you know any information or tips that would work please let me know.

  119. Junayd Soobratty says:

    Guys i’ve lost my HTC desire 530 but it was switched off last time i had it. When i tried to use google find my phone it said the phone could not be reached because it was turned off. I don’t have a sim on the phone and a lot of things that haven’t been saved. If anyone has anyway of getting my phone back pls email me at [email protected]

  120. harshad says:

    I have lost my HTC DESIRE-816 DUAL SIM on 31st Jan,2017 after midnight.I have registered a complaint.The corresponding IMEI NOS.are 352795062687131 & 352795062687149.Can you help me to locate the same.

  121. Kamal says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have lost my HTC DESIRE-816 G+ Octa-core on 14th Feb, 2018 afternoon.The IMEI No is 356064067066064. Can you help me to locate the same.

  122. algin says:

    I have lost my ZH&K DUAL SIM on february 19, 2018 after i ride a tricycle.sir how can i bring it back.

  123. jamil says:

    I lost my HTC 820 Desire mobile kindly track any one IMEI No 357788076036699 if get any result inform me please , [email protected]

  124. Nagashree says:

    I lost my HTC 10 PRO ,My IMEI number is:352752080339203,please erase the data.Pls inform on the mobile number:8217616206

    [email protected]

  125. Benjie says:

    I lost my HTC 620G DESIRE.
    Email: [email protected]

    Please, Block it.

  126. Ajay gupta says:

    Sir my htc Desire 820 G+ dual sim has mispalce plz help me plz and call me this no.8271279094

  127. george says:

    i lost my htc 10pro imei 253491081792289 if you can find it please contact me

  128. Santosh kumar ojha says:

    My HTC 526G plus has been stolen yesterday. It’s IME1 – 357629060237984 & IME2 – 357629060265258.
    Please track my phone and inform me on my mail.

  129. vinod says:

    hi i loss my mobile HTC 728 in muraqqabad area plz if anyone fine call me 0501316433

    vinod balodi
    working in dubai

  130. purushotham says:

    Hi i lost my Htc Desire 10 Pro in Hyderabad… IMEI: 353988080422271, 353988080442279
    If any one find please inform me 9553600550

  131. Septan Smith says:

    Hey can you locate my HTC desire Septan Smith
    50 Nickle avenue extension 14 Ennerdale
    HTC Desire 626
    [email protected]
    Missing 5th May

  132. stella ugoaru says:

    stella chioma.
    I lost my HTC desire phone yesterday pls how can i get it
    back,.phone number: 08027157109

  133. TIMILEHIN says:

    HERE IS THE PHONE NUMBER: 08029658222

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