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Mobile Phone Insurance in the UK – How to Get Compensated for a Lost Phone

Statistics show that a mobile phone is lost, stolen or damaged every 6 seconds in the UK. Most people choose to take out mobile phone insurance not because of the fairly high risk of loss or damage to their phone, but because they have invested considerably in it. With most top smartphones costing over £400, it makes sense to have your device covered. Of course, not all policies are created equal so it is essential for you to be well-informed and well-prepared when you go shopping.

What is mobile phone insurance?

This type of insurance is designed to compensate you in case something bad happens to your phone. Depending on the type of policy which you choose, you can get compensated for loss, theft, accidental damage, mechanical breakdown and calls made from the phone when it is no longer in your possession. Such insurance policies are available for all types of phones including GSM ones (you remember those old Nokia phones with 16bit colour displays?). You can buy such a policy no matter whether you have a contract with a telecom or you use a pay as you go service.

You pay a monthly premium for mobile phone insurance. The size of the premium will depend on the amount of cover that you purchase, on the total value of your phone and even on the crime rate in your area of residence. If you make a claim for compensation, the insurer will pay the respective amount minus the excess fee. The excess fee is typically fixed. It is determined before the purchase of the policy and it is clearly stated on the insurance certificate.

How do you take out the best mobile phone insurance?

The best way to find the ideal policy for you is to collect and compare quotes from different companies e.g. via Gadget Cover. Keep in mind that such plans are available from traditional insurance companies, from mobile network operators and from companies that specialize specifically in covers for mobile handsets. It is worth collecting as many quotes as possible from various mobile phone insurance providers. This can be done online totally free of charge.

Compare the level and amount of cover that you get with the different policies. It is best to be insured against all sorts of perils. For instance, you would want to get compensation not only if your mobile phone is stolen, but also in case it gets lost. It is best to buy an amount of cover that is slightly greater than the price of your phone. In this way, you will be certain that you will get compensated with the amount which you have paid for the device.

Compare the level and amount of cover against the premium. The best mobile phone insurance is the one that gives you the most value for the money that you can afford to spend. In general, it is worthless to pay for a policy that will compensate you with a lot less than you have paid for your phone. Make sure that you compare the excess fees as well as the premium. Do not miss to check for discounts such as online purchase discounts and multi policy holder discounts.

Read the full terms and conditions carefully before you buy the mobile phone insurance policy that you have picked. It is common for companies to set exclusions and limitations that you must be aware of. For instance, you may not get compensation if your phone was stolen while you were holding it in your hand. You have to be certain that you are ready to accept such rules. Otherwise, you have to look for another policy.

Keep in mind that there are also special family phone insurance deals that can give you decent discounts as you are insuring several phones.

Is there any way to retrieve my lost mobile?

Even the best mobile phone insurance will not compensate you for the contact details that you have lost along with your mobile phone and for any important information that you have stored in it. That is why most owners try to retrieve their phone in various ways. Now there are services that can help you locate your lost mobile phone.

Track your phone in the UK, before it goes missing

Lost phone

Lociloci allows you to track mobile phones from any computer, tablet or smartphone that has an internet connection. The service uses network-based technology to locate the missing device. It will detect its location via the transmission masts which pick up signals emitted by mobile phones.

There is no need for the handset to be used in order for it to get traced. Also, the service such as this works will all phones and requires no whatsoever installation or download – it’s down right simple.

You have to visit the website of Lociloci, register your phone and in the event that you lose it or get it stolen you can simply log in to trace your mobile phone you will see the position of the missing handset on the map.

In cities, where phones are most likely to get lost, the accuracy of the position is quite high. It deviates by no more than 100m. You will just have to go to the place where the device is located and get it back. In most cases, by knowing the approximate location of the misplaced mobile phone on the map, you will be able to trace back your thoughts and remember the last place in the vicinity you last saw it.

You will be able to track mobile phones instantly and retrieve them quite quickly with the Lociloci service. By subscribing to the service, you will be able to use as many searches as you need and you can use the service to even track your friends phones – in case they get lost.

Track your iPhone anywhere in the World

With Find my iPhone app which is now integrated in the latest iPhone models, you will never ever have to worry about losing your phone. With this free service, you will be able to locate your iPhone with GPS accuracy, back-up your iPhone data on your Mac remotely and lock your iPhone when in the wrong hands.

Track your HTC sense phone for free anywhere in the World and avoid phone insurance

Just like with the iPhone example, you can track your lost HTC sense phone via HTCsense.com free service.

Being able to track mobile phones offers many more benefits than even the best mobile phone insurance, since you are the one who is actually in control here. You will actually find your phone and your monetary investment will not be lost. Furthermore, you will not lose any important personal and business contacts and information. It pays off to protect your device and everything that you have stored in it – so don’t wait get the app or service that suits you best and say goodbye to lost phones.



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