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Mobile Phone Tracking for Family Safety in Large Scale Public Events – Staying Safe and Enjoying the Event

Everyone loves big events at which people have lots of fun. Common examples include live concerts and shows, street parades and sports events like football matches and the Olympic Games. Indeed, everyone is excited about the 2012 London Olympics and a lot of people plan to enjoy competitions, ceremonies and entertainment events along with their families. The main focus will naturally be on the fun, but you need to ensure that everyone will be safe so that you can really make the most out of this once in a lifetime experience.

There are a number of major safety aspects that you need to take into account with one of the most important ones being staying in a group. This can be challenging especially in the public transport and in the midst of big crowds gathered before, during and after events. You need to find specific ways in which to ensure that everyone in your family will stay together. You also need to be prepared to locate a person if they go missing. Thankfully, this will not be difficult if you have the means to locate a phone which the person is using.

You can use a number of methods for ensuring that everyone will stay within the group and will be safe and sound. One option is for everyone to put an accessory such as a hat on so that you can easily find one another in crowded places. It is best if each and every member of your family is equipped with a mobile phone. That way, you will be able to locate any member of the group at any time. Even small children are used to working with all sorts of gadgets so you should not hesitate to give your youngsters mobiles. You do not have to spend a fortune on costly smart phones. Basic handsets will do a great job as well. You can easily locate a phone of this type using mobile tracking services as well and this is a great benefit.

It helps to be organized in large scale events such as the London Olympics. You should make the daily program and schedule known to everyone. It will also help to explain the travel routes to all adults in the group. If your group is quite large and you cannot travel together, you can set up meeting points. In general, this is quite helpful for the actual events as well. Pick a meeting point that is easy to find and have the members of the group meet there before and after the event. If someone gets lost they can go to the meeting point and wait for a member of the group to pick them up.

Children are at greatest risk of getting lost. In addition, it is much easier for a lost child to get upset, take the wrong way or hide in a place where she will be hard to find. For this reason, it is important for children to be under the supervision of adults at all times. Hold smaller children by the hand when using the public transport and when entering and exiting venues. Security experts recommend that you use a special wristband or card with your child’s name, age, address and your phone number. Put the wristband on her hand or the card in her pocket before you leave for an event to be on the safe side.

Mobile Phone Tracking for Family Safety

Giving everyone a mobile phone is just one of the family safety measures which you can take when attending large scale public events like the London Olympics. Another one of the recommended options is to subscribe to a mobile tracking service. It will allow you to trace each member of your group that has a mobile with them. This can be extremely helpful given that the mobile networks can get easily overloaded during such events.

The mobile tracking services are affordably priced and work extremely effectively to help your group stay together during events like the London Olympics. It is worth looking at how the technology works so that you can get an idea about its usefulness and reliability. The mobile tracking services are designed to locate a phone based on the signal that it sends. Every GSM device sends a signal to the mobile network’s radio towers or masts which pick it up. The signal is sent constantly and not only when a person is using their phone to talk to someone.

The mobile tracking service providers use the signal data collected by the radio towers and process it so that they can define the location of the mobile device and its user respectively. It is as simple as this. The good-quality services rely on GPS as well to locate smartphone devices as this technology gives great accuracy. The most important thing for you to know as a user is that any member of your group with a mobile will be located in an extremely short period of time.

Tracking one's family in public events such as the London Olympics

As a subscriber to the phone tracing service, you will be able to see the location of the device and its user on the map using a phone, a computer or a tablet. It is that easy. Since the technology uses the signals sent by the devices there is no need for you to install any software or hardware. Furthermore, you will be able to locate a phone and the person who uses it irrespective of the device’s design, make, model and year of production. You will be able to trace each and every member of your group, even those with the simplest and oldest handsets.

When you use location tracking services (see the top services in the UK here), you will ensure that you will find anyone who splits from the group extremely quickly and with great ease. All you need to do is to log on to the service and see where the person is. Then you will just have to go to them and bring them back. This is extremely helpful in case a child goes missing. This is because children can get easily confused and wander off.

Not all mobile tracking services are created equal. You need to find one that is reliable and provides accurate results quickly at all times. The service should respect the privacy of the people who use it. Each and every person whose phone will be traced will have to provide their consent. When you use the service, your personal details and the details of those who you trace should remain private. The service has to be flexible and affordable as well. You should be able to opt out of it whenever you decide to do so.

A service for location tracing via mobile phones can be useful not only during large scale events like the London Olympics. It is extremely helpful to be able to locate a phone when you are away from home with your family, when your kids are out and in cases of emergency. When you go on a trip to another part of the country, you will be certain that everyone will stay together and those who split from the group will be found. You will never again have to be the annoying parent who calls every five minutes to check on their kids. You will be able to check where your loved ones are in case of an emergency and ensure that they are safe.



Susan is a proud mother of two girls (8 and 13) and is a avid advocate of family safety, and safety for children. When she doesn’t write and review different child tracking apps and services for family logistics and peace of mind for parents, she loves to care for her two horses, listen to music and write poems.

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